When you think of portraits you could be excused if a picture of a mall photographer or those horrible school picture days pop into your mind... Why don’t we do something a little different? Something unique?

Let’s go somewhere that reflects you and is important to you. Let’s have the kids play in their favorite park with their childhood toys rather than standing in front of a stayed cliché studio backdrop, looking down the lens with cheesy grins.

Why don’t we go somewhere that everyone can chill out and relax, let’s hang out and have some fun? Relaxed subjects, spontaneous moments and a chilled out, fun atmosphere leads to unique pictures.

We can create images that are important and individual to your family that you will value for a lifetime.

Portrait photography covers a range of different genres and I am happy to offer : family portraits, senior portraits, boudoir photography, artistic nude and fashion shots.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo


You will get up to 2 hours of coverage for only $250. This allows plenty of time to hang out, get a ton of variety without clock watching.

After the shoot I will upload the lightly edited images to a secure gallery and you can pick your best 6-10 shots. I will them edit your choices further, you can then download them from your gallery or buy prints from the site.

For more examples of the types of images you can expect see our full Portrait Gallery.

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