I love shooting sports, all sports and at all levels. I have had the privilege of shooting sports as diverse as archery, track and field, martial arts, football and rhythmic gymnastics.

Sports portraits capture the essence of who we are, what is important to us and what we love. This type of photograph focuses on the person doing the sport. No need to get the kids to smile for the camera when they are just playing, laughing and having a good time. Let’s capture some action shots of you or your kids doing what you love, we can set up the shots or we can go to a game or meet and shoot them while they are in action. Sports portraits are great for yearbooks, for senior pictures and to celebrate special events.

Sports photography is fun both for the photographer and the client, it is a great way to get a unique photo that captures your true spirit. I enjoy getting to know each sport that I shoot and finding ways to capture that special image.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Personally I have a background in traditional martial arts, which I have practiced for over 30 years, I love to shoot my compound bow, I have done the occasional triathlon and I am a huge fan of the NFL.

For more examples of sports portrait and action photography, view our Sports Gallery.

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