I am blessed to have photos from my grandparents wedding with the men all wearing military uniform as the war in Europe had just ended. These images more than hold up to modern day scrutiny 70 years later, I have pictures of my Grandfather in a top hat escorting my mother into the church to give her away. These are some of the most valuable and cherished items that I own.

That is what I want to do for you. I want to produce images that are going to be part of your family for generations to come.

I want to make your wedding photographs as unique as you are. I want to include those details that are important to you and your family. I want to work with the bride and produce images that will adorn the walls of your home and the homes of your family for years to come.

We will obviously take the formal shots that are required at weddings, but my personal style is that of taking more candid and spontaneous photos that capture the feeling of the day rather than just a record of who attended.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

I like to do a portrait session before the wedding with the bride and groom so we can hang out a little and I can get to know you and your personalities. Sometimes this is an engagement shoot, a bridal shoot with the bridesmaids, a fun shoot in the local park or a family gathering. The photographer is an important part of any wedding and the more comfortable you are with me then the better your photos will come out. This extra photo session is included in the cost of the wedding photography fee.

Wedding packages start at $2500 and are customised for each wedding. Please contact me to set up a wedding consultation.

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